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Bicerin Chocolate and Peppermint Liqueur

Bicerin Chocolate and Peppermint Liqueur

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INGREDIENTS: sugar, soy juice, alcohol, water, cocoa powder 4%, aromas, natural mint flavor.

Gluten-free – lactose-free – no expiration date

Kosher pareve OU – kosher pareve Hadass Belz

TASTING: It is a very good mix between dark chocolate and natural peppermint flavor from Piedmont in Italy. It is very similar to American Piperita Patty chocolate or English chocolate after eight.

We suggest drinking: after dinner with 2 ice cube


Bicerin Peppermint Martini:

• 75 ml Bicerin Peppermint

• 25 ml vodka

• Some ice cubes

• Garnish: mint leaves



You put like garnish on dessert: chocolate Mousse, Cheesecake, French Toast with Berries, Ice cream, Panettone, Pandoro, pudding.

You can use it to create a delicious Bavarese.

Alcohol Volume: 17%
Bottle Volume: 70cl
Country: Italy
Distillery: Vincenzi
Kosher Passover: Not Kosher for Passover
Kosher Supervision: Belz & OU
Style: Chocolate and Peppermint
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