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Covenant Israel Blue C Viognier

Covenant Israel Blue C Viognier

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Our BLUE C wines from Isreal are named in honor of our California RED C RED, Rosé, and Sauvignon Blanc wines. Blue and white are the colors of the Israeli flag. This is the first white wine to be released under our BLUE C series. BLUE C is to Covenant Israel what RED C is to Covenant California. Covenant's sister labels are meant to provide a high-quality quaff at a somewhat lower price point than our flagship wine.

Viognier has an exotic spice note that is apparent in this wine. The spice if followed by lovely stone fruit and citrus flavors, all couched in a light-textured, bright, fresh-tasting white wine.

Alcohol Volume: 12.80%
Bottle Volume: 750ml
Color: White
Country: Israel
Kosher Passover: Kosher for Passover
Kosher Supervision: Rabbi Y. Babad Tartikova
Mevushal: Not Mevushal
Style: Dry
Winery: Covenant Israel
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