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Kawar Distillery

Kawar Arak 43%

Kawar Arak 43%

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Delicacy and elegance that works in any setting: when relaxing on your balcony at the end of a working day or at a bar or restaurant. Its freshness and balance provide a great way for getting to know the wonderful world of anise flavors.
Aroma: Lemony and delicate with a touch of white pepper
Taste: Deep and rich, with a strong presence of aniseed and a long, pleasant finish
Distillation: Triple distillation, which guarantees an extra smooth texture and a perfect taste

Alcohol Volume: 43%
Bottle Volume: 70cl
Country: Israel
Distillery: Kawar
Kosher Passover: Not Kosher for Passover
Kosher Supervision: Kehilas
Style: Arak
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