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Or Haganuz Orot Talga White

Or Haganuz Orot Talga White

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A unique blend of 3 noble white grape varietals – Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon – from Upper Galilee vineyards at 700m elevation, producing very high quality grapes. On arrival at the winery, whole clusters were gently pressed. After clearing, the Chardonnay grapes were fermented slowly and gently and aged in fine French oak barrels, over yeast deposits that contribute a buttery texture to the wine. The Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon grapes were fermented and aged in steel tanks to preserve the fruity character. A prestigious blend, combining the sourness of the Sauvignon Blanc and the Chardonnay butteriness, with an emphasis on rich, fine, elegant aroma

Alcohol Volume: 12.50%
Bottle Volume: 750ml
Color: White
Country: Israel
Kosher Passover: Kosher for Passover
Kosher Supervision: Badatz Edah Hachareidis
Mevushal: Mevushal
Style: Dry
Winery: Or Haganuz
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