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Recanati Winery

Recanati Bittuni

Recanati Bittuni

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"Bittuni" is an ancient local grape variety, and originates right here, from Eretz Israel. During the Mamluk occupation, followed by the Ottoman, the local authorities banned the preparation of wine and thus the local wine industry was severely damaged and the local grape varieties used to make wine slowly became extinct. Thanks to its wonderful taste, the Bittuni survived the prohibitions, and farmers continued to grow it, enjoy its delicious fruit and probably even secretly make wine from it. The beetle is a red grape variety, with a dense cluster and thick, fleshy skin. It is considered by his breeders to be a particularly noble and floral variety. In recent years we have been able to find a single lone vineyard, growing at the great height of the Judean Mountains, near the city of Hebron. This is a non-irrigated vineyard rule vineyard which grows Medal traditional method, called "booth" Hebron Bittuni underwent fermentation of clusters in their entirety in order to express the florality of the variety, its delicacy, and its noble and elegant character. A period of aging of about 9 months in oak barrels from Burgundy in France, gave the wine an extra layer of minerality, balance, and restraint. Tasting Notes: Aroma of flowers, violets, and Mediterranean herbs Vineyards: Judean Mountains - Bethlehem. The beetle grows in a vineyard that is not watered at all and is grown using the traditional dahlia method called "Hebron Sukkah

Alcohol Volume: 11.50%
Bottle Volume: 750ml
Color: Red
Country: Israel
Kosher Passover: Kosher for Passover
Kosher Supervision: Chug Chasam Sofer
Mevushal: Not Mevushal
Style: Dry
Varietal: Bittuni
Winery: Recanati Winery
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