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Carmel Limited Edition 2017

Carmel Limited Edition 2017

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Carmel prestige and ultra-premium wines are under the 'Carmel' label.  Carmel Limited Edition is the flagship wine of the winery.  It is made in an elegant old-world style, from Bordeaux varieties, which are sourced from Carmel's finest vineyards in the Upper Galilee.

Elegant with an aroma of ripe plums, cassis, violets, and bitter chocolate.

This wine will pair beautifully with foods such as Roast leg of lamb or cheddar cheese

Alcohol Volume: 14.90%
Bottle Volume: 750ml
Color: Red
Country: Israel
Kosher Passover: Kosher for Passover
Kosher Supervision: Chug Chasam Sofer
Mevushal: Not Mevushal
Style: Dry
Varietal: Blend
Winery: Carmel
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