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Cedev Vins

Flash Peach Aromatic Sparkling Wine

Flash Peach Aromatic Sparkling Wine

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The Aromatic Flash Peach Sparkling Wine is the perfect aperitif, but it also works well with cheese platters. Its strong, sweet flavours mean it will not be overpowered by strong cheese and it offers a wonderful contrast. The delightful fizz of this wine also makes it contrast nicely with smooth soft cheeses. Its fruity scents make it suitable to pair with fruit platters, fish or chicken as well.

Alcohol Volume: 5.50%
Bottle Volume: 750ml
Color: Light Red
Country: Italy
Kosher Passover: Kosher for Passover
Kosher Supervision: Rabbi Rottenberg
Mevushal: Mevushal
Style: Sweet
Winery: Cedev Vins
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